Level of Exams and Study Tips for Appearing in CS Exams

Company Secretary Exam Tips

The Companies these days are looking for professionals who are smart, equipped with provisions of all the applicable laws to Corporates.

When you are interested in taking up ‘Company Secretary Exam’ to start your career in CS, make sure you have a keen interest in Business and allied laws whether its your Corporate Affairs, Registration Act, Stamps Act etc.

The answer you are looking for is quite irrelevant as against level of the exam, better coach and few tips would help a lot to crack the exam.

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So, here are my two cents to help you along the way!

#1. Do not stress yourself by covering each and every provision

Each and every subject under CS exams stresses upon some ke areas that would help you to fetch good scores.

#2. Be concise and qualitative

The content covered in the exam has to be very concise and qualitative. Sometimes, a lengthy question could be answered using a single sheet, it just has to make complete sense.

#3. Improve your writing skills

It is very important to improve your writing skills and try to make your paper presentable with good and neat hand-writing.

#4. Try to elaborate text using flow charts

Once you are done with your theoretical part, try to explain the matter with the help of diagrams and flow charts to score well.

I hope this quick check-list helps you when preparing for Company Secretary exams.

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