Upcoming Judicial Services Exam 2020 – The Complete Guide

Planning to start the preparation for upcoming Judiciary Exams 2020?

Want to know the Target Period to complete the course?

There is no straight-jacket formula to deal with the situation.

Yes! I said it!

But there is a way to smartly plan the syllabus and increase the chances to crack this Examination.

Read this full guide for judiciary exam preparation for upcoming exams 2020.

Let me make one thing clear:

After reading this post, you will feel relieved and enthusiastic as you are going to get an effective strategy to plan the subjects and what exactly is to be done to score well in the competitive exams (Judiciary Exams Planning).

Let’s start with it.

Upcoming Judicial Services Exam 2020 – Your Complete Guide

This guide is for YOU to climb the ladder of success for Upcoming Judicial Services Exam 2020.

You can watch this video which covers tips in the Hindi language.

Define a target

First of all, You have to define some target and have to be very clear regarding the State that you are going to appear.

It’s regarding the State that you want to see yourself posted when you will clear this prestigious examination: Judicial Officer!

In simple words for law examination, there are a set of questions or some area that needs to be covered but in case of Judiciary Exams Preparation, not much can be skipped.

After having a word with many aspirants till date, the most important question that is to be considered: How much time is needed to prepare or complete the Judiciary syllabus?

A direct answer is; It’s an ongoing process!

If you plan the subjects and follow proper time table I want to reiterate here that many students have actually cleared the exam after watching my videos on my Youtube Channel.

Yes! They have been able to crack the Judiciary examination.

The minimum period that is required to plan the course is approximately 6 months for the full syllabus.

It differs from candidate to candidate if you think you are a bit slow in reading and understanding the text it may take an additional 1 – 1.5 months. Not more than that.

For Judiciary exams preliminary part, 2-2.5 months are sufficient.

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” – John Maxwell

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The planning may vary for those who will be completing the LLB course this Year.

It’s a bit easy for you guys to revise the syllabus and divide the material in a planned way as you have enough time after college hours to put in efforts and start the prep.

Follow a time table

Are you a working professional? Ahh! I can understand.

Home to Office and Office to Home and the same routine everyday.

Don’t worry!

I have a plan to share which can be actually implemented to tackle the situation.

Watch this video; it will help you to plan the time table.

Analyse and then plan wisely

Thirdly, Plan wisely which will help you to assess the core area of each and every subject. This will provide a base to know everything about the subject and the priority area.

There is no such success scheme without a roadmap to be followed in a proper way.

Trust me! This is the key point to be considered. There is no such benefit of starting the race without having knowledge about the rules.

This is an ultimate guide to know more about the techniques.

Focus On The Path, Not The End Result – Give Your 100% 

Spend at least 4-5 days to analyse the syllabus and frame an effective plan to be followed.

For more Judiciary related Videos log in Youtube.com/studease.

Before moving on to the next point of this post. I would like to remind you that this is 100% tried and tested process that is posted here.

Focus on good study material and books

Fourth, Focus on Good Material/Books.

There are many renowned authors as far as good law books are concerned.

If you have completed your law/LLB course in the recent past then try to follow the Notes that were taught during college days.

You can view this video to have a look at the list of Best Books that will help you to get accurate knowledge and easily prepare for the Judiciary Exams.

Best Books to Prepare for Judiciary Exams:

After reading the books, mark the important areas and add some sticky notes to the pages which you are not able to understand.

One frequent question that gets asked to me all the time is:

Is it possible to prepare for Judiciary Exams at home?

Yes, definitely it is possible. This post covers proper tips to study for Judiciary exams at home.

There is no hard and fast rule to join some coaching institute but a proper plan to be put to execution in an effective way.

One thing that need not be skipped here is that after the completion of the course or one-time overall reading…

Now is the plan to Join some test series or Online Course so that you can test your knowledge. This is not to be done vice-versa.

Also, guys, try to understand one thing that there is a difference between full-time classes and a mentor.

Try to take help from someone regarding doubts and have a better understanding of the subject.

This will help you to complete the syllabus in a short time and you need not to travel every day to attend the classes.

Sit. Relax. Think Again. It’s the strategy first that matters regarding the Examination preparation rather than directly jumping on the preparation part.

Plan and then Start!

Are you preparing for the CLAT Exam?

Watch the video for CLAT 2020 details:

One question that cannot be missed out here’s that:

Are Case Laws important for the Law Examination?

This is a valid question but not something that cannot be managed.

Plan wisely and it’s done.

Try to make a separate list of case laws for Criminal and Civil Laws. This will actually help you to manage the content and make it easy to learn the case laws.

Revise the list at regular intervals.

There you go – a detailed guide for Upcoming Judicial Services Exam 2020

Do drop a comment below if you face any difficulty while preparing for the examination.

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