Top 5 Tips for Company Secretary Exam Preparation

Company Secretary Exam Tips

If you aspire to take up your career as a Company Secretary, you need to take up the CS Exams – CS Foundation, CS Executive and CS Professional.

Studease is an institute which specializes in CS coaching classes in Ludhiana with the only mission to help and guide students aspiring to take up the CS Exams.

On the same lines, below are a few pointers from my side which you can take care of when approaching the first steps toward the field of Company Secretary.

Company Secretary Exam Tips

#1. Know Your Exam

To excel in any field, you need to have an in-depth knowledge about it.

When you plan to take up the CS Exams at any level, it is very important to know about the details about the exam, the syllabus, pattern etc.

We are planning to organize a few ‘Know Your Exam’ sessions at Studease so stay tuned on our blog for the official announcement.

These sessions are an opportunity for you to undertand the exam and to get a taste of what you are getting into!

#2. Hard work and Perseverance

Like any other goal or achievement, there is no substitute for hard work and perseverance to achieve success in Company Secretary Exam.

I know students who with their hard work and never-ending passion have cleared the company secretary exam in the first attempt – some of them sans coaching.

Coaching and guidance for any exam always helps, but if you really want to crack this exam and have a sincere dedication, you CAN do it! You just need to keep the patience and WORK towards your goal…

#3. There is NO Short-cut to Success

Is there a short-cut to cracking CS exam?

I have a short answer to this question!


Like any other competition exam, there is no short cut to your success in the field of Company Secretary. You have to continuously focus on your end goal and keep the patience to achieve excellence.

Give your 100% and do your bit – rest  of the things will automatically fall into place.

#4. Get Help from your Seniors

Nobody can guide you better who has been in the same situation as you are in today – hands-on experience always helps!

Your seniors or friends who have been preparing for any level of Company Secretary Exam in the past can be of a great help and guidance to you. Keep in touch with them and always ask for guidance.

#5. Join a good CS Coaching Institute

Well, as I have mentioned in the above points joining the institute is not the only way you can crack the CS exam.

You do not really need to do this!

But, I do believe that having someone to guide you through the challenging path of Company Secretary Exams always helps!

One simple tip I can give you on this topic is “Never be allured by elaborate advertisements endorsing their institute’s success.”

Do your own research, talk to seniors, your friends, attend a few demo classes to make up your mind (we have free demo classes time-to-time at Studease) – try and find out the past results of the institute and then make your own choise!

So right now, these are the 5 tips that I have for you when you are on the path to taking up the Company Secretary exam to kick-start your career…

These may sound too difficult but once you start approching towards your goal, all the doors will open automaticaly. So don’t hesitate to make the start!

If you need any guidance about CS attempt at any level, do not hesitate to contact me via the comments section below or via the contact form. You can also call me on +91-7837-220-750.

Best of Luck!

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  1. sir can I without class pass
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