Is Company Secretary (CS) a Tough Course to Clear? [A Complete Guide]

is company secretary course tough to clear - a complete guide

Is Company Secretary a tough course?

How difficult is CS to clear?

How to become a successful Company Secretary?

How tough is Company Secretary exam?

Have these questions been the reason behind the dilemma whether to choose Company Secretaryship for your career and start preparing for the exams?

Well, you have come to the right place as I am going to discuss EXACTLY that – try to clarify all your doubts about how difficult or easy is CS course/exam along the way.

is company secretary course tough to clear - a complete guide

Also, I will list down some simple tactics to clear the CS exam.

If the time is not on your side to start preparing for the CS exam, check out my guide where I give tips about preparing for CS Executive exam in 2 months.

How to prepare for CS Executive exam in 2 months?

Okay, back to the topic of this article. Let’s dive right in!

Nothing is static in this growing world, everything changes after a particular period – it may be few years, decades or centuries.

If we talk about our education system, it has changed drastically after the independence.

Earlier there were few Government institutes with limited courses but with the passage of time, a lot has changed, and in addition to that hundreds of private Universities have come up.

But does that solve the purpose?

Not much!

…only up to some extent, maybe.

It’s not only about the available options but does that course or diploma really helps us to fetch a good job is the substantial question.

What does it take to become a Company Secretary?

Gone are the days when you could get a good job after completing graduation or equivalent course.

Now, even graduates and post graduates have to put in a lot of efforts to hit the bull’s eye.

It is the need of the hour that if you pursue graduation or post-graduation after passing some professional course, it creates an edge among rest of the crowd.

Before jotting down the answer to the question whether CS is a tough course or not, I would like to give some basic structure that has to be followed to become a successful Company Secretary.

Company Secretary is a course where one has to be very clear about the working and day-to-day activities that have to be usually undertaken.

It is a stream where the maximum part is related to documentation and procedural codes. You have to look after legal processes, advanced updates, corporate world scenario and other allied roles related to this.

In all, you have to keep your mind open to reach the heights.

As far as the procedure for starting CS course is concerned, I have already posted an article earlier which may be very helpful to understand the admission criteria and the procedure.

Is Company Secretary (CS) a tough course to crack?

It has been more than 6 years we have been delivering lectures at our institute StudEase Tutorials we usually come across this question asked by a number of students whether CS is a tough course or not and for obvious reasons my answer to every such question every time is:


The reason is, there is no professional course in India which can be cleared by not putting in efforts and hard work.

The most favourable aspect of this course is that you get the chance to achieve goals as high as possible.


I feel privileged to guide the future legal corporate officers as to why the CS course is not tough and the positives and negatives of that one can foresee when this question comes to your mind.

I would not show only stars based on made-up stories but also express about the difficulties involved and the ways to overcome the same.

The theory is the simple formula.


Company Secretary course is a blend of Accounts, Taxation and Law subjects where the major part (subjects) are from law. In this article, I will guide you regarding the tactics to clear CS exam.

#1. Who should join this Course?

If you have a keen interest in the working of companies and the legal field, this course is a blend of both. We come across many such roles which deal with day to day routine tasks and legal filings.

#2. Is it tough to clear the CS exam?

Usually, numbers of candidates clear the exam in a single attempt. But, because you have to score aggregate 50% in all the subjects there are a few chances that a candidate is not able to clear the exam in a single go.

#3. Time gap to appear for the exam

The exams are conducted half-yearly. So, there is not much to lose, in case you don’t qualify the exam in the first attempt, you have to keep working towards it, be patient and appear in a short passage again.

#4. Number of hours to study to pass the exam

There is no such settled answer to this question as it depends on person to person. But just to give you an idea, for foundation course 4-5 hours study for a stretch of 4-5 months, the Executive level has 7 subjects so in order to have a good hold of all the subjects have to manage at least 6-8 hours every day for a stretch of 6 months.

Over to you

I hope this article helped you in getting a better understanding of Company Secretary Course.

Is Company Secretary a tough, difficult and challenging course to clear or not – this depends on how you take it and how prepared you are for the challenge.

If you need any more details about how tough a CS course is or if you have any other questions about Company Secretary Exam, feel free to drop a line in the below comments section.

Also, I take classes for CS coaching in Ludhiana – if you are planning to start preparing for CS exam and need guidance, you can contact Studease Tutorials.

All the best!

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