How to Attempt Questions in Law Examination?

Having requisite knowledge about the law subject but not able to represent it in the exam hall?

Studying long hours but feel confused when the examination date is announced?

Full syllabus completed.


But still not confident? Maybe there’s some fear of How to Attempt in the Examination?

I have a solution for it.

“The Road to Success is always under Construction.”

This post will not only boost your confidence but also help you to fetch good score in the law examination.

Read this post till the end as I am going to post do’s and dont’s while attempting any examination. In Law College and related Competitive Exams.

Before moving further let me post a question here and be true to yourself to share your experience in the comment box below:

Do you feel that there is a shortcut to success?

There is actually no shortcut for it. In such a case what is the best way to deal with the scenario?

Let’s discuss important parameters to be taken care of.

Writing skills:

How do they impact our score in Law Exams?

Let’s have an example:

There are 2 candidates who have attempted the paper but one student’s handwriting is too good and easily readable but for the other one, the writing is very bad and not readable;

For obvious reasons, the first candidate will score more marks in the examination than the other one.

Try working on your handwriting side by side in case it’s too bad. This practice will help you to score good marks in LLB examination.

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Work on the Content:

One thing is for sure (100% True) i.e. Content is the King!

View this video to have an idea about: How to Attempt Judiciary Mains?

But the dilemma is:

How much to write in a Law exam?

How to attempt the paper?

This doubt will be settled soon in this post:

This will help you to clear your doubts with regard to :

How to attempt the law paper and score well in upcoming LLB examination/Judiciary Mains exam.

You will get an answer to your queries:

This post is covered in video format (Hindi Language):

Let’s move further and discuss something with regard to the key to preparation and attempt the exam accordingly.

Draw diagram/Charts for Long Questions  

Let me reiterate it that presentation does matters for every examination.

There is a twofold benefit of using flowcharts and explaining the concepts in a better way.

The first benefit is that this will save a lot of time while writing in the examination.

Secondly, the examiner will be able to understand the content mentioned on the sheet in a very easy way with the help of Charts. This is not a magic that will happen in the examination hall in a single go.

It has to be practised beforehand to implement it on the examination day.

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Watch this video for Answer Writing Tips:

Mistakes Not to Commit!

#1. Mark the boxes properly in Preliminary Examination

There are some mistakes which are committed while attempting the examination.

In case of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s), the wrong option is marked which is changed later on.

This leaves stains on the sheets. Although now you have marked the correct option but computerised checker will not be able to read the correct answer.

Way to deal with it?

Read the question paper once and mark the answer in a small dotted form on the question sheet itself.

Follow this till the end.

Mark all the answers on the answer sheet in a single go at the end of the exam.

(Make sure you have 10-15 minutes to transfer the final answers)

#2. Read the Questions properly

Sometimes same illustrations / Case Laws are asked in the Examination.

Nice! But there’s a hack.

Do read full sentence/questions as one word like ‘but’ ‘and’ ‘or’ may change the meaning of the sentence.

The illustrations/questions which are asked in the examination may vary from the original content.

READ FULL QUESTION before marking the Option/options.

#3. Language is the Key

This is the core area for any competitive examination.

There are more chances that the candidates who have cleared the preliminary examination, do have a good hold of the legal part.

So.. How can you create some difference to qualify the examination?

Score more marks in total than the competitors?

Yes! It’s the language part that actually matters.

Even in case you are reading this post to have a good hold on the legal part or to be a successful lawyer, proficiency in language matters.

How to start preparing the language part?

In case of any language whether its Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi or English.

Start Mastering the grammar area. Once the grammar part is done.

Try to grab some good vocabulary words.

The last one is the Essay/content writing.

Clear the grammar part and start reading the newspaper every day for the language you want to improve.

Watch this playlist for English Vocabulary Videos in easy form.

30 -40 minutes of practice for 30 days will help you to start improving the language part.

Once the language part is started since day one; when you start preparing for the judiciary examination.

In the long run, this will help to master the language part easily without much pain.


There you go – all about  How to Attempt Questions in Law Examination?

Do drop a comment below if you can post your experience regarding preparation for the examination.

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