How to Prepare for CS Executive Exam in 2 months?

How to Prepare for CS Executive Exam in 2 months

Company Secretary preparation requires dedication to score good and a proper plan to be followed in a systematic manner. Every student tries his/her best to compete in the professional exams but only a few pass the exam because of less pass percentage these days.

Nevertheless, if one plans out the course in a proper manner it’s never too late to start preparing. It’s better to divide the syllabus in number of short goals and time frames to be followed to cover the syllabus well in time.

In this article, I am going to guide you how to prepare for CS Executive examination in 2 months.

Earlier I wrote about 5 top tips for CS Exam preparation which will help you to be successful.I recommend reading it as it is a great moral booster and will help you to feel comfortable and energetic at the same time.

Top 5 Tips for Company Secretary Exam Preparation

So, lets get started.

Tips to prepare for CS Executive Exam in 2 months

There are 4 subjects for CS Executive 1 st Module – two theory subjects and two practicals.

The best part of the day is morning time one should spend to get maximum output and learn the concepts covered under theory subjects. When one feels much part has been covered, try to take a power nap and feel relaxed. After 20-25 minutes, shift to practicals.

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Days are gone when one would follow the scanner and previous years’ test papers and eventually pass the exams with flying colors. The exam pattern is changing these days and it’s really important than ever before to look for better ways to prepare for your CS Exam.

Though, it’s better not to rely much on previous years’ test papers however, it can provide a rough idea about the type of questions or case studies to prepare for the exam.

Let’s talk about particular subjects:

i. Economic and Commercial Laws

The subject is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. It’s always safe to prepare for Part B first as there are few chapters in this part and bit easy as compared to Part A.

ii. Company Law

Trust me, this is actually the core subject of this course and is very important and scoring if one knows the tactics of which are the key areas to focus on.

We at StudEase usually cover this subject at a stretch of 2 months at least. We will be publishing a post with regard to the important chapters and key provisions to be taken care while preparing for this subject.

iii. Cost Accounts

In a short period of 2 months, try to study practicals and keep revising the subjects one you proceed further. It’s safe to cover the concepts and start solving questions from OMR books available in the market. Try not to follow number of authors and books available. Choose any one of them and keep revising. Let me know if you need help with the books and I can write a separate post for this!

iv. Taxation

I may not be wrong in mentioning that the practicals covered under concept of OMR system is very scoring and one can score as 100/100 in practicals.

Over to you…

I hope this article gives you the confidence and helps you how to prepare for CS Executive exam when you have only 2 months.

There is a simple mantra to score good and master these subjects…


Don’t try to cover maximum once you create an edge in the subject (topics covered earlier).

I remember the story of a man cutting tree with an axe. It’s always better to sharpen the tool rather putting in unproductive efforts.

I mean the main part of our body: CPU that is our brain. Try to spend some time for a change and roam around, feel relaxed. It’s always better to have breaks in between study time.

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